VirusScan for Amazon S3 becomes bucketAV

bucketAV - formerly known as S3 Virusscan for Amazon S3 was rebranded in June 2021. The rebranding demonstrates our continued effort to improve the product. Over the last year, we shipped ten new releases to our customers with new capabilities and improvements. More than 400 customers worldwide rely on our product today to keep their S3 buckets secure. With the rebranding, we increase our commitment: it is now a full-time business.

Pricing changes

When running bucketAV (or S3 Virusscan for Amazon S3), the following costs occur:

  • bucketAV Software
  • AWS Infrastructure
  • S3 API

When we started VirusScan for Amazon S3, we charged $0.01 / vCPU / hour for the software ($14,60 / month for a t5.large). In the last two years, we added a ton of capabilities and add-ons. These new features also cause a higher support volume and more engineering effort. To account for this, we are doubling the software fee today while lowering the total costs. Existing customers will pay the old prices for the next three months.

Price increases are unpopular. That’s why we’re also announcing support for EC2 Spot to lower AWS Infrastructure charges. The total monthly costs of bucketAV will be ~25% cheaper for typical workloads running on m5.large (Spot). That’s a good reason to upgrade today!

The following calculation shows the details:

Cost DimensionbucketAVVirusScan for Amazon S3
bucketAV Software$ 29.20$ 14.60
AWS Infrastructure$ 38.46$ 77.15
S3 API$ 3.53$ 3.53
Total monthly costs$ 71.19$ 95.28

PS: The new pricing page helps you to calculate costs.

If you don’t want to use spot capacity, set the parameter CapacityStrategy to OnDemandOnly.


No action is needed! But we do recommend updating your VirusScan for Amazon S3 installation to save money. Please follow the Update Guide.

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