The dashboard provides a real-time overview over:

  • Scan results: Number of clean, infected, and unscannable files.
  • Scan Queue: Lenght of the queue and number of scan jobs added versus removed.
  • Scan Fleet: Number of EC2 instances running.
  • Infrastructure alarms: Shows the state of all the CloudWatch Alarms created by bucketAV for infrastructure monitoring.
  • bucketAV scan logs.
  • System logs.
  • CPU, memory, disk, and network utilization.

The scan results and bucketAV scan logs are most important from a reporting perspective.

bucketAV dashboard

To open the dashboard:

  1. Visit the AWS CloudWatch Management Console.
  2. Navigate to Dashboards.
  3. Select the dashboard starting with the name bucketav followed by the name of the AWS region—for example, bucketav-eu-west-1.

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