Performance testing

The scan time depends heavily on file size, type, and content. To get accurate throughput numbers for your particular workload, we recommend running a performance test:

  1. Install bucketAV by following the Setup Guide using the default values.
  2. Generate load by installing the Scan bucket at regular intervals Add-On.
    1. Install Add-On
    2. Set the Stack name to bucketav-performance-test.
    3. Set the BucketAVStackName configuration parameter to the stack name of bucketAV (if you followed the docs, the name is bucketav).
    4. Set the BucketName configuration parameter to the name of an S3 bucket that contains at least 10,000 files. Keep in mind that infected files will be deleted by default!
    5. Set the ScheduleExpression configuration parameter to a value 10 minutes from now (UTC timezone) by using the expression cron(mm hh dd MM ? yyyy) filled with:
      1. mm: Minute (0-59).
      2. hh: Hour (0-23).
      3. dd: Day (1-31).
      4. MM: Month (1-12).
      5. ?: Please leave the question mark as it is.
      6. yyyy: Year (1970-2199).
    6. Set the PagingBatchSize configuration parameter to 1000.
    7. Set the PagingWaitInSeconds configuration parameter to 0.
    8. Select I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources.
    9. Click on the Create stack button to save.
  3. Open the dashboard. Within the next 10 minutes, your Scan Queue should grow. The Scan Queue tile shows the data of interest. You should see the Queue Length go up.
  4. Wait another 15 minutes to capture data.
  5. Reload the dashboard. In the Scan Queue tile, click on the Files processed legend. Now you only see the metric of importance. Zoom into the area of interest. Now you know the number of files scanned per minute (axis on the right). This is the throughput of one m5.large EC2 instance for your workload. Scan Queue tile
  6. To clean up, remove the CloudFormation stack named bucketav-performance-test.

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