Antivirus protection for your Amazon S3 buckets

Antivirus protection for Amazon S3

Scan your S3 buckets for viruses, worms, and trojans. bucketAV detects malware in real-time, periodically, on-access, or on-demand.

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How it works

Fast, easy, and smart. Your data never leaves your AWS account.

How it works
  • Scans after upload, on-access, periodically, or on-demand
  • Tag, delete, or quarantine infected files automatically
  • Notify via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or reports

Key Benefits

Data protection

Data Protection

Scan your data with virtual machines running in your AWS account—no need to transfer data to an external service.



Get started within 15 minutes with the help of our setup guide and auto-installer based on AWS CloudFormation.

Up-to-date virus database

Up-to-date Malware Database

The signatures are updated continuously to protect you against the latest threats. The database contains more than 1 million viruses, worms, and trojans.



Scan as many files as needed. bucketAV scales automatically. That ensures cost efficiency even for spiky workloads.



Uploaded files are scanned within seconds to detect malware as quickly as possible.

Automated mitigation

Automated Mitigation

bucketAV quarantines, deletes, moves, tags, and notifies about infected files. Configure the automated actions as needed.

Upload files savely

User-generated content with peace of mind

Checks uploaded files immediately after upload or before download. Additionally, you can schedule antivirus scans through all files within a bucket periodically or on-demand. Of course, you can always rely on an up-to-date virus database – powered by the ClamAV® or Sophos® antivirus engine.

bucketAV makes managment easy

Simple operations

Install bucketAV in your AWS account within 15 minutes. It works with one or many S3 buckets. The built-in CloudWatch dashboard gives insights into the system status and scanned files – all in one place.

Flexible notifications and reports

Flexible notifications and reports

Make sure your security operations team gets notified about infected files. You can choose from various options to suit your team's needs.

Trusted by 1,000+ customers

Verified customer reviews

Easy to use, fast, great support

I use this virus scan solution in a multi account setup, triggering the scan manually for select files. Scans are super fast, really robust solution, no problems so far. I had a few questions regarding integration in my existing infrastructure - the guys from widdix responded very quick with useful information. Integration took just a few hours!

Michael Naab

Awesome service

Works great and scales well. Integrated well to our services. Team that supports the product is always staying up to date on the latest features and tries to incorporate feature requests. Love using bucketAV so far.


Fast and easy to use

We needed a anti-virus solution to scan our files on s3. This for new files and on a regular basis the entire bucket. This solution works right out of the box, hooking up multiple buckets and accounts without issue. Depending on the size and multitude of items to be scanned you can adjust scaling and instance size. „…“ A real recommendation!


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